Small Stellated Dodecahedron Instructions

You will need to fold all the tabs, on all 12 of the pieces, in the same direction. Either way is fine you will end up with a mirrored shape if you fold them the other way. As it is chiral.

  • This is part of a pictorial guide. I'm not sure how to explain this in a none visual way. If you have problems accessing this please contact me, laura at this website domain or on twitter @laurasshapes


    Start with 2 pieces and arrange like this. Stick 1 of the points.

  • Next

    Add in a 3rd piece. Stick the points that have been woven in.

  • Half way

    Looking at the inside.

  • Seventh piece

    Keep slotting them in.

  • Nearly there

    Feed that last piece in.

  • Last step

    Just the last vertex (point) to stick together.

  • Finished shape

    View through a vertex and a face view. This shows the 5 fold symmetry.

  • Finished shape

    View along an edge. This shows the 3 fold symmetry.